Sunday, 11 March 2012


In december I attended ‘Medlink’; an illuminating four day course aimed at prospective medical students. We attended an extraordinary number of lectures, which covered a wide range of topics, including information about getting into medical school as well as an overview of the most popular careers within medicine. Each lecture was incredibly inspiring and informative.

The particular session which stood out for me was the ‘EDGE’ session.  My newly found enthusiasm towards a career in medicine, is largely down to this lecture by James Ridgeway. His talk was riveting, making it impossible to lose concentration even for a moment.

After exploring the Medlink website, and various others I became determined to achieve a career in medicine. At the time I was sure that all I wanted to do was become a doctor, in particular a GP, as they are the ones who interact most with the patients. This is one of the aspects which appeals to me most about becoming a doctor. I love the idea of meeting lots of new people and I find it interesting how different people can be. I love the idea of a job that would be so varied, presenting a constant challenge everyday. However there are also many things about the job which don't appeal in quite the same way! For example there is a lot of paper work that is involved I am told. Doctors also work an incredible number of hours and have to be oncall at inconvenient moments. This could include being called out during particularly antisocial hours, which does not sound appealing!

Another that I don't like the sound of is the rediculously long university course, which would not only be hard work, but also incredibly expensive and would leave me with an enormous debt at the end! The course would be very much focussed on learning the facts required to do medicine and this does not sound very interesting to me. I would rather go to uni to learn life skills like independent study. In short, I want to learn how to learn. I want to find the things which I am being taught very interesting so that I am keen and enthusiastic to achieve!

If I do decide that I want to study medecine at university then I need to decide very soon because there is a lot that must be done, including work experience (which I am doing some of just in case) and UKCAT (the exam for medicine) practise.

I just don't know what I want to do!! It's quite scary not knowing where I'll be going next, like trying to find the other end of a pitch black tunnel during the night time!

HELP?! I gotta decide quick but I don't know whether or not to do medicine!

A bit about me

So basically, I am 17 and pretty unsure about what I want to do later in life.
I love sport, in particular tennis and netball. And I am also very determined and persistent when I decide what my goal is. The problem I have at the moment is that I don't know what my goal is!

I'm sure I would like to go to uni, but my next problem is what I actually want to study there!
I have toyed with various options, however I keep on changing my mind! One week I am set on doing one thing and the next I have changed my mind! I have decided to start a blog so that I can track my thoughts and hopefully create an interesting read for others, perhaps with the same problems as me!

At the college which I go to we are made to do 5 AS level subjects, which in my opinion is silly because it gives you no time to really think or relax, and the work is non-stop! However one of the advantages is that it means you can keep your options open for as long as possible.

The subjects I take are Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics and Theology. At the moment the career options I am considering are completely contrasting; either something medical OR something to do with business. If I decide something within business then ideally I would like to continue specifically with maths and economics. Alternatively for medecine  I would continue maths, chemistry and biology and drop either economics or theology next year.

Anyone else having similar problems? Let me know if you have any advice!

Friday, 9 March 2012

welcome to my blog

Hi fellow bloggers! WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I hope to chat about things which I, and hopefully everyone else finds interesting. So I hope you enjoy reading! please follow me and drop a comment! I READ THEM ALL! <3